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Western Digital Corporation (abbreviated WDC, commonly known as simply Western Digital and WD) is an American computer hard disk drive manufacturer and data storage company. It designs, manufactures and sells data technology products, including storage devices, data center systems and cloud storage services.

A former employee mentioned, "WDC lacks attention to innovation and performance. Clique core of employees requiring political assimilation and acceptance for long term employment or advancement."


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"The management at the WDC creates an unnecessarily hostile workplace for its own employees which is ironic since the WDC is a company in charge of workforce training funds (to get unemployed people back to work). New employees are frequently fired on the last day of their probation period (before they would be protected by union membership) for no cause. This is usually due to the managers' blaming the employee for their own slip-ups or failures. The one word to describe upper management at this company is quite simply "inept". When managers are caught out in their own screw-ups they usually are quick to blame subordinates and take retaliatory action against them. Needless to say, this environment has resulted in uniformly low morale among employees. Career progression at the WDC is slow to nonexistent and job titles are not reflective of actual job duties but rather the pay rate at which managers prefer to pay the employee. The benefits are good and the opportunities for time off for vacation, medical leave or other personal reasons appear to be good as well at first glance but often come with many last minute restrictions placed at the whim of managers. Overall, the WDC of King County is an organization that is the epitome of bureaucracy with multiple long ineffective meetings mandated by out of touch management. This is truly a Dilbert company to avoid."


"people are strssful there so that some people (not most people) are mean to new comers. He refuse to train new employee but pretend to do the training before the manager."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Constant lay-offs and long hours"

Apartment Manager (Former Employee) says

"All I can say is Nope they are horrible people Only about getting their money don’t care about their units never fix things on time rude to the people who work for them just no don’t work for them"

Director of Configuration Change Management (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this company, they do not treat you as a person. You are an expendable number to them. They run you i to tbe ground, then lay you off."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Came in had a meeting every morning would partner up with someone else and select location to go to every day. would load car with merchandise get to location and each person took one side of street and went into a company and started a sales pitch to sale items they had.If training you have to make sure that the person you are training goes home with money and that sometimes leaves you with nothing.played with merchandisenot able to pay bills"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"We would have a meeting every morning then load up our cars and get into teams.If you you were a leader you would take someone out that would show up for a position of a sales associate and show them how to make money every day.got to play with the merchandisenot enough money some days"

Nov 2011as a Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The working culture of wdc is very excellent and friendly.Every people have helping nature to each other..I was working withe wipro for there payroll"

Data Base Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Its the third party company and WDC will deploy the resources to client location.So, we do not work from WDC office. We follow the client location work policies and regulations."

Tele sales posotion (Former Employee) says

"it was fun working there, the staff was friendly and we used to work to help each other.learning everydaynon"

Contract Sr. Admin. Asst/Membership Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"A typical day involves helping in the managing of the WDC membership, conferences planning and interacting with my colleagues, the Council’s members and their staff. For the past 12 years, I have gained extensive experience in the field of client relations, database management, reporting and the Conference logistics. The management at the Conference of Mayors Workforce Development Council (WDC) is very liberal, no micro-management and team work is the spirit that I have experienced with my colleagues. The hardest part about my job usually kicks in during the preparation of any annual events – lots of juggling and keeping up with a long list of “TO DO.”no micro-management.No room for advancement."

Windows Server Admin (Current Employee) says

"A big migration day in our National Data Center of Ex-change 2010.Ability to work in a multi-cultural IT environment and perform under stress situation.Our team is the best in our National Data Center.We always get less timeline is hardest part of our job.Our Sr.engg are best support for us this is most enjoyable part of our job"

Anika Rathod says

"Please don't buy from their website, go through Amazon or a reputable dealer for their products if you have to. They're not a reputable dealer. I wish I could give this zero stars, to be honest. Where do I start. This company is such a lie. The invoice address doesn't correlate to where the products are coming from. Tracking number's don't work. There's no contact from them about delays, you pay for business delivery and you have no idea if it's coming from the US or the UK and the customer service number to contact them doesn't work. It feels a lot like you've been stolen from by a fraudulent company. My story... + I bought a G-Drive SSD 2TB drive for £300+ with it being shipped next Business day + Didn't hear anything for a week + The Uk contact number doesn't work + I have to wait until eastern pacific US time to call them + Contacted support to cancel the order and they said it couldn't be because it's mid being dispatched (no one informed me of the delay) and I questioned why no one had emailed me to say there was a delay and left me in the dark - I'm a customer. I got an apology but still no email about it + Didn't hear anything for a few more days + Received an email 4 days later saying there was a delay with Brexit I've been waiting for a week and a half now + couple more days later I receive a dispatch note with a tracking number that doesn't work + The invoice address says Surrey (This means I might get it in a couple of days) + Still not received anything and the tracking number still isn't working and neither is their UK number + I call them on their American time number and they inform me that the tracking number is fake and for internal use so I ask them to track it for me to which they tell me they still can't track down the package and give me a totally random due delivery day + I question if it's coming from Surrey why haven't I received it? And they say it's coming from the Netherlands... + I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I've been waiting for 14 days now. It's all lies. I'll never buy from them directly again. Ebay offers a better service."

DAVID says

"Just the worst tech company on the face of the planet. I've had 3 drives go dead within warranty periods and the service I have received has been non existent. I actually had a mains cable die within a year and they told me to go and buy another one from someone else. I really do implore anyone buying anything from these crooks please don't do it."

Tom says

"Two 6TB WD Red NAS drives that were still in warranty were returned because the sata port plastic components became brittle and came away from the hard drives on both units despite being housed in a caddy inside a server. Contacted customer services being honest and upfront about the issue to which they created an RMA to have these replaced under warranty. One was worse than the other as only one was chipped whereas the other had completely fallen apart. WD are now refusing to replace the worst one under warranty despite having already sent me 1 of the 2 replacement items and i'm now stuck in a debate about why it wont be replaced and that they want me to either accept a return shipping cost and recieve a faulty item back or they will dispose of a 1 year old hard drive worth around £180 new!!!! Never dealt with WD much before this as their products are usually ok but thinking seriously about buying other manufacturers equipment from now on. It's completely unacceptable from such a large company!"

Ellen Maria says

"I paid for a hard disc 30 days ago and it has still not arrived. If you want a external disc fast, don't buy from WD."

Quay Keeper says

"The customer support is awful. My WD Black 2Tb hard drive has a 5 year warranty. It is within warranty and has failed. I have approached the support services who have even accepted that the drive needs to be replaced but I cannot make any further progress. Repeated requests for an update have joined the increasingly long list of ignored messages. Over the years I have bought several WD hard drives, but not again. AVOID."

gordon meurin says

"bought WD my cloud for time capsule backup for our Macs. Worked for a while, then stopped backing up for no reason. Apple support worked for hours without solution. Service with WD non-existent. All they did was repeatedly refer me to a paid site (which reviews were not good), and did nothing to help. Now have request in to Amazon(vendor) for return/refund."

Jason Parnell Photography says

"I have brought multiple drives at different time from WD and they have both failed, one within 2 years and one with 10 months. The support is appalling waiting for 2-3 days for a reply just for them to say can you re install the software again? i've done this 3 times and nothing. I advise to stay clear, as a photographer and value my images i should have learnt from the first drive but please do not waste your money! I thought their £600 raid system which should protect my images if one drive fails would keep a backup on the other and their system failed! it brought down both drives!"

Sara Pakula says

"2nd external hard drive from WD stopped working. Wouldn't recommend anything from this company"

Jacek says

"Western Digital - the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. You’d think, if a company sent the wrong item via UPS, they’d immediately acknowledge their mistake, get the right item immediately sent and the wrong item returned - ASAP. Well, it’s NOT the case with Western Digital. Today (Wednesday) : nearly 2 weeks, the wrong item sat gathering dust on my living room floor, whilst I waited and waited. No joke, I had to chase them over 5 times and all I got back is it’s pending. After I complained last Thursday, they escalated the case, but besides finally admitting the wrong item was delivered - once they couldn’t blame it on UPS - still nothing was done (clears pictures were already sent week ago). The final straw was this Monday, I called again. Nobody knew the status as the department couldn’t be contacted. So, I cancelled my order and the next day they finally they emailed a UPS label to return their wrong item. BUT, they won’t give me money back until they’ve received it back... which could take up to 10 DAYs. Are they for real? We’ve paid £200 for a hard drive, that we never got and now it will take a further 10 days to get a refund! Previously, they’d apologised for their service via email and gave me a 20% off coupon. This is a joke. I’m so frustrated and told Western Digital I will never use them ever again. The kind receptionist felt sorry for us... and I said: I don’t blame her... I blame the awful system in their company. She said, it’s all automated. That doesn’t sound like a good reason to take 13 days for no action and a further 10 days now to get a refund for a mistake they made! ------------------------------------------------------------- Product bought - 12TB WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive for Xbox One Website Location - WESTERN DIGITAL (U.K) LIMITED HAMILTON HOUSE REGENT PARK, KINGSTON ROAD LEATHERHEAD, SURREY, KT22 7PL UNITED KINGDOM"

Gary Taylor says

"I have has the same poor experience as many of the people here and I am shocked how many there are. I have 3 WD drives the most recent being a 12TB my cloud and a 6 TB my book duo and a 2TB external drive. Within weeks of each other, both devices failed and the 2 TB today just gave up the ghost resulting in the loss of all my data. I contacted the support about the first 2 drives and they were absolutely crap. But I did get them to put in writing the life expectancy of there drive to be 5 years. Had I know this I and I am sure many customers would never have touch any Western digital product. Crap company and crap products Buyer Be very aware. if your data is important give this company a miss."

Marco Lopes says

"WD WAS an excellent company with an amazing and robust hard drive lines. Since 2018, with the introduction of the SMR DRIVE PLAGUE, it has GONE DOWN THE DRAIN, specially with external DRIVES (and even in the RED NAS line, now splitted into 3 lines to avoid LAW SUITS!) WD DOES NOT inform the consumer about the drives that ships in the external enclosures, and currently (12/2020) is shipping LOW BUDGET SMR drives with all 2, 3, 4, and 6 EXTERNAL enclosures. More to come? I was an WD customer for the last 20 years... have many many drives, but i REFUSE to stand by a company that tries to DECEIVE customers with FLAWED TECH without telling them what they are buying. SMR is BAD. It's a way of making MORE $$$$$$$, and it will cost many customers their DATA. SHAME ON YOU WD!!!! NOTE: if you want to know WHAT you just bought, get the DRIVE MODEL and compare here in the "HDD Platter Database" (google it please!)"

slimequeen says

"What is the deal with WD products, currently I am having issues with 3 different of their products at once??!! My WDBFJK004OHBK My WD My Book hard drive is not working correctly, I was in the middle of downloading some files and shut my computer down to run errands and when I came back to finish the files my My Book was no longer showing up in my file explorer, it does show up under the section where it says eject item, it shows up in the drives manager but not the other manager. The hard drive is running, and light shows from the inside.( I ran the WD digital Data Life guard Diagnostics Tool and it shows the my book but says not available)As I said it was working perfectly and my errands took less than 30 minutes when it stopped showing in the file explorer anymore. The more I look into wd hard drives the more I find that thier products have a lot of issues that I did not know about when I looked into the research originally. I tried everything that was suggested. I plugged the hardrive directly into the wall, I shut down the computer a couple of times, I went in and unistalled the my book drive under all the areas you could do that and reinstalled nothing worked!!! this is ridulous how can their products have so many issues this one does not make sense. it was working and than it wasnt and I can not get to my files that I was back up which is the whole point of these products how is wd sitll in business seriously!? Issue 2 I plugged in my passport 2tb external hard drive that was working perfectly and has thousands of vids and other files on it into my WD live Media player to watch something off it and it played for a second (3 issues) but the purple screen that often happens with the WD media showed up again the files played fine but when I was done unplugging the hdmi cable it would not show the files on the screen anymore and now when I plug the passport in my computer to check it it will not show up on my File explorer or the drive file at all now!! This is Crap WD all of this has happened in just the past 3 days in the middle of another Covid shutdown, again how is this company still in business I now have several thousand files, and movies and things that I can now now find or retrieve or whatever!!!?? and these were my backups I only have some of what was on my My Book hardrive that is back uped on another hardrive but some of the best stuff was on this passport that suddenly stopped working or something??!Q!"

Sad says

"I bought WD my home cloud and not working after 9 months, I have communicate with WD and they told me the warranty is expired before even the date of purchase. I have sent the invoice but they ask me to get confirmation from supplier that i have bought a new device not old one !! After 4 months i have get confrimation from supplier that i have purchased a new device not old one. Now i need to ship the device to Malaysia in order to replace it with other one ..."

Tina Huston says

"Garbage product and garbage customer service. Do not waste your time and/ormoney with products from this company. Just run. Just run."

dougk says

"Because of a worthless website, customers MUST attempt to go through their incompetent "customer service" department JUST TO CHANGE THEIR DESIRED EMAIL ADDRESS (when dropping 1 provider and moving to another). IT HAS TAKEN ME OVER 4 MONTHS, AND MANY HOURS OF WORK - WITH NO RESOLUTION. i HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER OF WESTERN DIGITAL AND SANDISK FOR DECADES ALSO, I HAVE RECOMMENDED THEIR PRODUCTS TO MANY PEOPLE - NOW I WILL HAVE TO ACTIVELY DISCOURAGEF OTHERS, SO THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE HELL THAT i HAVE HAD TO. If they CAN / WILL not accomplish this very simple task, I no longer trust the quality of their products or their "Tech Support". PLEASE CONSIDER GIVING YOUR MONEY TO A MORE RELIABLE COMPANY."


"They don't have any solution ,,,"

Minom Pnom says

"Fraudulent customer service, laughably unreliable products. I had one of their mypassport drives fail on me for no reason. I sent this back - they don't even pay for return postage - how cheap is that? A replacement was sent out to me. Ridiculously this one failed after only 3 months of occasional use. Again I returned it, once again having had to pay the postage myself. There was no response from customer service after a number of weeks so I asked for a follow up. Eventually I got a response claiming that the hard-drive had been tampered with by me and that I would be denied a replacement. This is 100% false. This is literally the worst product experience that I've ever had. From other trustpilot reviews I don't seem to be the only one who has had this lie used on them!"

Sean75 says

"I have been waiting two years for my My Cloud device to work correctly and never has. The customer service is the very worst; the only thing they know how to do is to reset the password. Of course, the system built by the talentless doesn't work. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CON MEN!"

Horacio Goncharol says

"Two weeks ago I bought "MyBook 4T". Could not install the Back up app provided with the system. I sent an e-mail requesting help. I provided ALL the information they needed. It took ONE WEEK to have an e-mail with links, that of course, none solved the problem. THEY ARE USELESS. I do not recommend anybody to buy any of their products. They just want to sell. They dont provide any help"

Molly Maher says

"Read the reviews and buy at your own risk. I am surprised at the complete lack of concern WD shows regarding their reputation. Storage is a commodity business and their complete lack of customer service is horrifying and will only lead them to eventual closure. I placed an order on a Sunday and on Monday I was laid off. I tried to cancel the order but was told I could not because it was already passed to the shipper. No true since the item did not ship out until Wednesday. Once the items arrived I immediately requested and received an RAM number for the items. I was sent two separate boxes so I assumed I would receive two labels for the packages. If I had requested separate RMA numbers (ie requested RMAs on different days) I would have been two, my mistake. I chatted with an agent and asked why only one label for two boxes. The response made it clear that I was dealing with someone in a far off land. She told me to put the same label on both boxes - WHAT??!! I went to UPS and had to shell out $35 to ship the second box back. In retrospect I should have put everything in one box, but the cost of that would be close to what I paid for the additional box. WD received both shipments on June 29. As you can see by the date of this review, it is now July 25. On July 7 I received a credit for one of the items returned, but not the two hard drives. I have emailed, called, and chatted multiple times since the return was received and all I am told is wait 7-10 business days, wait 7-10 business days. Unfortunately, I used Affirm to pay for the drives and they offer absolutely no help for someone in my position. Even though WD has stated that I have returned everything and they received all of the items, I am not able to stop the payments or the interest that goes to Affirm without impacting y credit score. If I could do it over I would my Visa or MasterCard. I would have been able to, with all of the emails and other supporting documentation, dispute the charge and not have to continue to pay for something that was returned almost a month ago because they, unlike Affirm, also tend to offer better customer service. This is the most pathetic service experience I have ever encountered."

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